Shoes for School

Gia loves to wear flip-flops, sliders, and sandals when she goes out and about. In the house she is barefoot like her mommy. What a luxury it is to be able to wear comfortable shoes all year round. There is now one exception…Gia has to wear closed toe shoes to school. What a transition! I wanted to find the most comfortable shoes that she would wear. Since she has a little flair for fashion, I also wanted to make sure her shoes would match her clothes. So the search began…

I remembered that I had some trouble with my feet growing up so I asked my Mom for advice. She said that Stride Rite shoes worked really well for me. There are no Stride Rite stores close to me so I searched online via Amazon. I came across several different options and all of them had good reviews. So I decided to order Gia two sporty pairs and one pair of dress shoes. When I placed the order, I carefully considered Gia’s growing feet. Currently, she is wearing a size 12 in children’s shoes. So I thought it would be best to order a 12.5 to allow room for growth. The shoes arrived quickly. Gia tried them on and to my surprise, the shoes were too big! Thank goodness Amazon has such an easy return policy. I went into my account and choose to return the shoes. I dropped them off to a UPS/Fedex for return and off they went. I received a credit immediately, which made it much easier to purchase another 3 pairs.

Gia tried the shoes on as soon as we received them. She was still not very excited about closed toe shoes; however, she understood the need for them. Luckily, she was quite happy that she received three pairs, plus the colors are silver, gold, and black. So, her shoes will match all of her outfits. Size 11.5 fits much better and they are are super comfortable. Gia also likes how easily she can put them on as they have velcro across the top of the foot and around the ankle. She has been alternating all three pairs over the last 3 weeks. Gia hasn’t complained about her feet hurting at all. In addition, when I pick out her outfit and corresponding shoes for the next school day, she doesn’t ask to wear her sandals, etc. She much prefers these to tennis shoes. One recommendation I would make though, is to make sure that you clean the top of the golden shoes as they show the scuff marks more than the others. If you are interested in learning more, please take a look at the following #ads:

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