Cool Mist Humidifier Helps

Gia has been getting sick a lot since she started school in August. This is no surprise to us as she was taken care of from birth at home. We figured that she would get sick, but we didn’t expect the frequency of new symptoms every other week! The last time was the worst, as Gia was super congested. She had the type of cough you would expect from a bronchitis or pneumonia patient. I took her to the doctors because I wanted to catch the congestion before it got too dangerous. The doctor wasn’t concerned; however she gave her an antibiotic and chest congestion medicine to be proactive. She also recommended that we use a cool air humidifier at night to ease coughing and congestion.

So the first night, I rubbed Gia’s chest with Vick’s. She got her antibiotic and cough medicine and then I remembered that we had bought a humidifier when she was a baby. I connected it and luckily in the morning, I noticed that Gia’s congestion’s had eased up a bit. She had also slept more peacefully through the night. I think the combination of medicine and the humidifier helped my little one get on the road to recovery! If nothing else, Vick’s and our humidifier are now staples in our household!

Our humidifier is the Crane Droplet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. It is a perfect size to increase the air moisture for her bedroom. The tank is easy to remove and fits under our bathroom sink faucet. It holds about a gallon of water so that the humidifier can run through the night. It is important to remember to wash the tank and cap, as bacteria can grow and then be dispersed into the air by the humidifier. If you are interested in learning more, please take a look at the following #ad:

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